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"About FPCN "

The Mission

To advocate the prevention of prostate cancer deaths in Florida by supporting RESEARCH, promoting LEGISLATION, and offering INFORMATION on early detection, support organizations and current treatment options.

The Organization

This non-profit organization, Federal Tax ID 59-3545266, provides men and their families throughout the state of Florida with education programs and forums, printed materials on cancer, and support groups for cancer patients and their families. In addition to it^s headquarters in Tampa Bay, FPCN has participated in projects throughout Florida.

"Florida Prostate Cancer Network was founded by Robert J. Samuels in 1997. Mr. Samuels is a retired banker who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In his quest for information about the disease, he found that little information was available. As a result of his research and all that he learned about prostate cancer he became a health activist. He was the founding chairman of the National Prostate Cancer Coalition and then returned to his home state to found the Florida Prostate Cancer Network. He has been a driving force behind the men^s health movement in the State of Florida and has been recognized by numerous organizations for his good work."

Robert J. Samuels, Founder and Past Chairman, Florida Prostate Cancer Network.



The Board of Directors

Executive Committee  
Russ Sloan Chairman, Tampa, FL
Herb Berkowitz, Esq Legal Counsel, Tampa, FL
Karen Crown, Secretary, Clearwater, FL
Steven Newman Member-at-Large, Plantation, FL 
Douglas Norton Treasurer, Tampa, FL
Michael Katin, M.D. Ft Myers, FL
Bruce Stone, Esq. Miami, FL
Jim West St. Petersburg, FL
Paul Pizzo, Esq Tampa, FL
Michael Barton Tampa, FL
Jerry Karp Tampa, FL
Doris Scott Tampa, FL
H. John Mejia St. Petersburg, FL

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Disclaimer: "The information that FPCN provides is general and informative. FPCN^s information should not take the place of the advice from your doctor."
Florida Prostate Cancer Network - Florida non-profit organization Federal Tax ID 59-3545266