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"About the Problem "

Prostate Cancer Needs Advocates!

Find and Write to Your State Legislators

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Did you know that in the State of Florida health insurance plans are not required to cover the costs of annual digital rectal and PSA blood tests to screen for prostate cancer? While some health insurance companies cover these tests anyway, there are others that don�t.

Florida is ranked # 2 in our nation for incidence of prostate cancer diagnosis and death. In 2004 it is estimated that over 17,000 Florida men were diagnosed with prostate cancer and over 2,200 men of this State died from prostate cancer. Clearly this is a major health concern for our citizens.

Florida Prostate Cancer Network is partnering with the National Prostate Cancer Coalition to ask for your support of legislation requiring health benefit plans to offer coverage for annual prostate cancer screenings for men who are forty years of age or older. The good news about prostate cancer is that it is almost always curable when detected early. Many states have already passed this important legislation and as a State where prostate cancer is an epidemic, we must pass it as well.

Please contact your local legislators and ask them to support a bill making it mandatory that health insurance cover the costs of these life-saving annual screenings!

Cancer Facts and Figures 2005

US Incident Rates

Total new cancer cases 1.372,910
New prostate cancer cases 232,090
New breast cancer cases  212,930
New lung cancer cases 172,570
New colon cancer cases  

Florida New Cases

Total new cases 96,200
Prostate cancer 19,650
Breast cancer 13,430
Lung cancer 13,130
Colon/rectum cancer 9,860

Top Prostate Cancer States

U.S. Death Rates

State New Cases Deaths
California 20,010 3,270
Florida 19,650 2,570
New York 14,220 1,860
Texas 13,380 1,750
Pennsylvania 13,150 1,720
Expected to die of cancer in 2005 570,280
Lung cancer 163,510
Colon/rectum cancer 56.290
Breast cancer 40,870
Prostate cancer 30,350
Prostate Cancer Facts Florida Cancer Deaths
  • Prostate cancer incidence rates are 60% higher for African-American men than white men. 
  • Prostate cancer deaths are 2 times higher for African-American men than white men.  
  • Risk factors: age, race, and family history.
Total new cancer deaths 39.960
Lung cancer 12,440
Colon/rectum cancer 3,820
Breast cancer 2,570
Prostate cancer 2,570

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