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"You Have Prostate Cancer"




  What a terrifying statement to hear. Yet, it is estimated that 230,110 men nationwide will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the year 2004, and over 17,250 of those men live in the state of Florida.

You, the newly diagnosed patient, along with your loved ones, have walked through the door called cancer for the first time. You are now in a new "world" with a new language, new expectations and many questions racing through your mind.

FPCN^s goal is to provide you with answers to some of your questions and resource information to help you find the answers to questions.

This is your first experience with the language of cancer. What are your treatment options? You have just been bombarded by a series of options from your physician; you can^t remember all the details and what the pros and cons are for each option. Perhaps you don^t have the money for some of the medicines prescribed by your physician. You may have insurance questions regarding treatments, medicines, therapies, or help for your spouse. What if you only have one car for transportation in your family? How do you get transportation assistance?

How do you find a support group of men who have faced the life changes you are facing; and who can help you understand that you are not alone? How do you find more information about this disease? Where does your spouse or partner turn for support?

As you step through this door called cancer, start the journey with us. We will introduce you to cancer terminology, increase your awareness of the disease, educate you on your options and support you and your loved ones.

The Florida Prostate Cancer Network is dedicated to the thousands of men and their loved ones who have been affected by prostate cancer. FPCN is a Florida-based, nonprofit 501C(3), survivor-based organization, Federal Tax Number 59-3545266. FPCN is funded through individual contributions, foundation, and corporate grants and memberships. FPCN does not receive any government funding. We are dedicated to educating the public about the extent and impact of cancer in our state and to reducing cancer mortality and morbidity in Florida through early detection, access to state-of-the-art treatment, and education.

Yours Truly,

Russ Sloan,
FPCN Chairman and Prostate Cancer Survivor

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Disclaimer: "The information that FPCN provides is general and informative. FPCN^s information should not take the place of the advice from your doctor."
Florida Prostate Cancer Network - Florida non-profit organization Federal Tax ID 59-3545266