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"The Best Treatment is Prevention! Next...is Early Detection "

Prostate cancer is a controllable, slow growing but deadly form of cancer that occurs in men, most of whom are over the age of 50. If caught early, especially before it has spread beyond the prostate gland itself, this is an eminently curable cancer.

The causes of this form of cancer are not well understood at the moment, but certain factors have been identified. Heredity and diet are chief among the known contributors, and a reduced-fat diet rich in tomato products and vitamin E appears to discourage the disease.

This cancer usually strikes men later in life, and since it advances so slowly, some will die from other causes never knowing they had it. But when we say "strikes" that means symptoms, and that usually means it is too late for the simpler forms of treatment.

These are some of the treatments:

Radical Prostatectomy - the surgical removal of the prostate gland and the seminal vesicles. Cancer that has not spread outside the prostate is commonly treated with this method.

Radiation Therapy - there are two types of radiation therapy: external-beam irradiation and implantation of radioactive pellets (seeds). The seed implantation procedure is called brachytherapy.

Hormone Therapy - this can be given by either shots or surgery. Medications used for these shots may include female hormones or drugs known as LHRH-agonists or nonsteroidal anti-androgens.

Watchful Waiting - many prostate cancers are small and grow slowly and it may not be necessary to treat the tumor. So no treatment is given and frequent checks by the doctor are used to monitor the tumor.

We want you to know all of the treatment options available to you. We will provide information about all treatments as soon as they become available so that you may discuss them with your physician.

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Disclaimer: "The information that FPCN provides is general and informative. FPCN^s information should not take the place of the advice from your doctor."
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